Frequently Asked Questions


What Professional Service Right Window Fit Provide?

The latest technologies in the market while resolving windows condensation issues. Connect with us and our Wizards while ease out the solutions

Where are the Windows and Doors manufactured?

At Right Window Fit , we only use Windows and Doors Made in Canada or Made In USA

How Can I get an estimate of my doors and windows?

A team of technicians will meet with you at your home, at your convenience. They will bring samples, examine your existing windows and doors, and educate you as to all the options that are available to satisfy your needs.

How do your Products compare in Price to other brands in the market?

Our products are competitively priced in the market. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. However, we will provide the best value by giving you the highest quality products professionally installed with the most comprehensive warranty in the marketplace.

How do I know its time to replace my windows?

A When it comes to needing new windows, there are a few key warning signs that let you know it’s time to replace your old windows.

  • Windows are hard to open and close
  • You feel a draft, even when the windows are closed
  • Your monthly utility bills have increased
  • Condensation forms on the inside of your window

Vinyl Windows Vs Fiber Glass?

When comparing the cost of replacing windows, Vinyl Windows fall in between wood and fiberglass. There are many reasons why Vinyl ranks right alongside or above its fellow materials: strength, durability, energy efficiency and maintenance. Vinyl might just provide the right blend of benefits at the right pricepoint for you.

What makes a product ENERGY STAR?

ENERGY STAR® products are the same or better than standard products, but they use less energy. To earn the ENERGY STAR, they must meet strict efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy. Since the products use less energy, they save you money on your energy bill and help protect the environment by causing fewer harmful emissions from power plants.